Say hello to Electric Road

November 3, 2023

Since 2015, to be honest probably a whole lot earlier than that, we’ve been on a journey. Developing and honing our skills across multiple disciplines to ensure we produce the best creative for our clients. In the early days, through trial and error, innovation and a keen interest in each and every project, we delivered production and design work that unwittingly became the foundation for something bigger. Something that we didn’t even know was just around the corner…Working in agencies, working in television, and working with clients quickly nurtured long-lasting relationships, many of which are stronger today than ever before.

And its relationships that founded our origin story – 4RT.  In 2015 Terry and Luke brought their complementary skills together, offering more to their respective clients. This appetite to do more, and be more, saw more substantial work being produced. Brands were developed. Campaigns and strategies created, with more significant content and design being delivered. An Agency was born.

From 2015 till 2023 from our base in South Australia, 4RT worked across various industries in multiple countries with some amazing brands. Some of the areas we developed expertise included Tourism, Education, Building and Construction, Health and Wellness and Hospitality. More importantly though, other skilled creatives came on the journey with us.

As we welcomed team members to the organisation our collective ability to deliver more profound work grew. 4RT became a full service solution, providing integrated creative across multiple channels with varying outputs. 

Driving Brand Communication

We are now Electric Road. Bolder than before and even more curious to see what’s around the next corner, our work brings client’s ideas to life, and solves problems while being effective and memorable.

Your ideas are our responsibility. The journey we take to tell your story is bold, honest, and electric. Our end game is to drive great people and businesses forward while pushing the envelope and having some fun along the way.

Because only those at risk of going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.